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Here’s a run-down of the options: Add Friend: If you add someone to be your friend on Xbox Live, they will be able to join you when you’re playing on your own Minecraft worlds, and they’ll show up in your easy-access invite lists for Realms and online multiplayer.
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Snap metal domes have been developed for use in membrane switch and mechanical switch assemblies.

The domes we use are either stainless steel or nickel. They work in high operating temperatures of up to 85°C.

I also skipped Slack’s and Facebook bots because AFAIK romantic chat is not their primary goal although they might be quite good at it as a side effect.

Eventually, I’ll describe just a few romance focused potential candidates for your Valentine’s day virtual date judging them by the conversation coherency, flirting abilities, and some intellectual stuffing. Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend I’ve started with this one because it was the first project I came across on a Valentine’s Day eve in 2015.

This year, 40 women have been saved because of the software.

We use metal, tactile domes in our flex circuits and membrane switches.

"We work with survivors of trafficking to ask them how a conversation like this would go."During a test phase, 1,500 people were convinced the chat bot was a real person.

Users are convinced with poor grammar and delayed responses that the "person" typing is legitimate.

Anyway, these examples set the kind of AI companion I was after.

However, Google search for “romance chat bots”, “boyfriend bots” and alike spits out a big portion of plain and boring sex chat bots.

Disclaimer: This is a rather “quick-and-dirty” review with somewhat shallow testing that I made out of curiosity (and, I must admit, personal needs… As a brief intro I will mention works of the ones who had already dedicated quite a bit of effort to the subject.

We can take it as a matter of fact that the movies ‘Her’ (2013) and ‘Ex Machina’ (2015) set the expectations of how a full-fledged AI romantic-oriented bot should converse… Futurist and AI thought leader Ray Kurzweil suggests that this level of conversational interaction is plausible by 2029.