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When he’s not working or assisting the police, Gus helps his friend Beatice Vossenheimer expose fake psychics with the help of Beatrice’s 82-year-old secretary, and tries to evade Bridget Mulroney, the police PR liaison who has decided to interpret his disinterest in her as a challenge.

Proximity dating application

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One only has to figure out how to use it to their advantage.

The Game Changing Factor Why will this trick give you an advantage unlike any previous proximity recruiting “hack”?

In fact – just as a side note, SCOTUS recently ruled that all that packet sniffing Google was doing a few years ago on open networks was also completely legal.

Mock Locations: There are times when this is a legal grey area.

The Recruiting Application What if you could turn invisible, stand in the middle of the Microsoft campus and collect Facebook profiles of people walking by or sitting at their desks in the buildings?

By downloading two additional Apps and running them in tandem with Happn, you can do exactly that – at least for people using the application. Position yourself in the courthouse or a building that houses a number of large law firms.

Similarly, it might be a bad idea to set your GPS location to somewhere you wouldn’t actually be able to physically access for security reasons.

As it applies to Happn, because you collect profiles based on people you “cross paths” with, changing your location, especially using an application that allows you to “jump around” in a predefined radius, drastically changes who you will see in your steam at any given time, as well as the number of people you have access to.

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Do not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel in the appropriate jurisdiction. One minute, I was a jet setting legal consultant with a vast network of friends all over the world and zero concerns about meeting new people; eighteen months later, I’m a full-time single mom – and just a couple weeks ago, I surprised myself again when I took the plunge and downloaded my first online dating app.

When you open a profile, Happn gives you information about when you crossed paths with a person, how many times you cross paths and how far away the person is currently. If you connect any other tools, automate it, use fake profiles or throw some other ingredient from your “privacy be damned” arsenal into the cocktail, you (I can see your gears turning already []) will probably cross the line.

This gives you some serious stalking abilities, for example you will probably have a very easy time figuring out when someone is at home instead of work and approximately how far away they live from work too! Packet Sniffing: There is absolutely nothing wrong with monitoring the network traffic on your own private network, especially on your cell phone.