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Und das erstmals auch in Talar und mit akademischem Hut.

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"There's no way you or I would throw it away to such an extent," continues the infinitely more grounded and sensible Dimsdale, "but maybe he loves Emily so much and he's so isolated from family and friends that he stubbornly chooses the course of action that he does." There's definitely sympathy from Dimsdale for his character, who he says he understands and can empathise with - and they even share some traits.

So I don't." And it isn't holding him back - his credits so far include playing Shelley in BBC TWO's Byron and Shakespeare on stage."I do feel very English but at the same time I'm very much at home whenever I travel to Switzerland to see my grandfather or my cousins," he says.He studied his mother's language, French, along with Economics at university, but always knew that the only thing he really wanted to do was act."When I was 13 I got a radio play for the BBC and I just carried that on at school and then at university.I thought to myself I'll give it a crack, I'll go to drama school, I'll see whether I can make a living out of this."Louis is a well-educated, well-connected, handsome man who throws it all away," reveals Oliver Dimsdale, who plays Louis.