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and sensual chatbot champion, claims that sex with humanoid companions will be routine by 2050. Ian Pearson recently took that declaration one step further in a report created in conjunction with UK sex shop Bondara, saying human-robot sex will start to eclipse old-fashioned human-on-human sex that same year.If all of that wasn't enough to get you hot and bothered about who or what will be handling your genitals in the not-so-distant future, consider the words of futurist Stowe Boyd who posited that sex robots will be a socially derided mainstay just 10 years from now.What’s really great is that the relationship with your very own sex robot doesn’t have to end at the artificial labia.Sex robot creator and Abyss Creations founder Matt Mullen says he hopes his customers will emotionally bond with these animatronic dolls: “I want to have people actually develop an emotional attachment to not only the robot but the actual character behind it — to develop some kind of love for this being,” he says. In fact, I think it’s reasonable to assume that many men will want to marry their sex robots.The lab grows the mix in an artificial womb, and when it’s ready, this Uber dad can take the newborn home to its artificial mommy.Motherless children will never know what it’s like to have a bio-mom, and they will suckle the artificially engorged teats of the sex synth right next to their proud papas.

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Dr Kathleen Richardson and Erik Billing of De Montfort University claim that these "robots are potentially harmful and will contribute to inequalities in society." We sat down with one of the men working to bring your Stepford fantasies to life at CES 2016.Men who put a ring on a sex synth will likely value these traditionally female characteristics, and as the industry grows, so, too, will its ability to perform other, traditionally female, tasks.For example, birthing live young and nurturing those young to adulthood. A man wants the perfect woman, so he orders her, custom made, from Abyss Creations or one of their soon-to-be knock-off competitors.This option, while not as cheap as your average prostitute, provides an amazing opportunity to stick your penis into something that will provide no mess, no emotional problems, won’t take up any of your precious bureau space, ask for keys, or want to meet your mother.Once the sex robot is out of the package and in the bed, or on the couch, or the kitchen table, or in the closet, she will never say no—unless you’re into that sort of thing.All of the beauty and body of a bio-girl, but without any of her detractors.