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Although some areas of the world may not approve of such networking opportunities, the majority have caught up.

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Intentionally asking others what they think about your relationship can only offer more clarity in your discernment if you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. But for now, we are content to enjoy dating each other with intention.Again, the goal of dating with intention is to date for marriage. Although a Michigan girl at heart, Mary resides in Virginia and is slowly learning the ways of southern living.Spending time apart gives the couple an opportunity to step back and appreciate the other at a distance, realizing how good they are for the each other (or not), and ways that you can improve together and separately.

Sometimes it gets confusing because so many different things are measured.But love can also cause you to close your eyes to red flags indicating that although you might think this person is right for you, other people might disagree. Third party members are not emotionally invested in your relationship, and chances are they are quite willing to tell you what they think, but in many cases you have to ask.Ask your friends and family what they like about him/her, and how they see him improving for you, and in turn, improving you.I’m talking about taking a random night to be with your friends, family, or even by yourself, or in a sense, reverting to life before dating.Again, the more intention you about why you’re dating this person, the more you’ll be able to see if this is someone you don’t want to spend time apart from.4) Ask others what they think about you and your significant other as a couple.This doesn’t mean you immediately have to get down on one knee or let someone put a ring on your finger. But it does mean that regardless of every couple’s different dating timelines, a couple should be able to prudently talk about why they’re dating the other–not for what they like about the other, but to clarify the individual intentions. Striving daily to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, she enjoys good coffee, the Great Lakes, and having seven siblings.