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The lens focuses on objects 18-32 miles (30 – 51.5 km) away.

If it was even more powerful the earth’s curvature would be a serious issue.

In the love column: literature, irony, humor, the individual, and the defense of free expression.

Plus, of course, friendship—though I like to think that my reaction would have been the same if I hadn't known Salman at all.

To re-state the premise of the argument again: the theocratic head of a foreign despotism offers money in his own name in order to suborn the murder of a civilian citizen of another country, for the offense of writing a work of fiction. Bush, when asked to comment, could only say grudgingly that, as far as he could see, no American interests were involved…” ― Christopher Hitchens, tags: atheism, bastille, bullying, censorship, demagogy, dictatorship, enlightenment, fascism, fatwa, first-amendment, free-speech, friendship, george-hw-bush, hate, humor, individualism, intimidation, iran, irony, khomeini, literature, love, principles, religion, rushdie, satanic-verses, stupidity, theocracy, united-states, united-states-constitution, washington-post “He poked his finger into my chest again.

No more root-and-branch challenge to the values of the Enlightenment (on the bicentennial of the fall of the Bastille) or to the First Amendment to the Constitution, could be imagined. “Well, I have something to tell you: don’t let the sun set on you in this county, because…”I grabbed his wrist and yanked him forward, tripping him with my foot. “Listen well, because I won’t be repeating myself, you racist prick.

The green color gives further boost to its intimidating monster look. Built-to-order by Canon from the year 1993 to 2005, each lens was hand-crafted. National Geographic magazine and Sports Illustrated are known to own a couple, the Feds probably have a few squirreled away somewhere, and a few well-heeled photo enthusiasts. Leica APO-Telyt-R 1:5.6/1600mm Lens Price : US ,064,500 If you think spending US $ 10,000 a lot for your hobby then you have no idea to what extent one can go if they have Money.

They produced just 2 lens a year with a delivery time of about 18 months. Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar ordered the specially made Leica APO-Telyt-R 1:5.6/1600mm lens direct from Leica and spent a whopping ,064,500 to get it.

It was first used in 1990 at the Koshien Stadium, the It’s said that only three of this toys are around, all made in Japan, and all in private hands.

Recent elections in the East African high-tech and commercial hub have been hotly contested, and more than 1,000 people were killed in post-election violence in 2007.

Mr Kenyatta prevailed over Mr Odinga in a 2013 vote that was mostly peaceful but tainted by opposition allegations of vote-rigging.

“Odinga was a candidate they really believed in.” Both Mr Odinga and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta were in their final day of campaigning on Saturday as some in the East African nation worried that the vote could turn violent, as it did a decade ago.

Kenyatta is the son of Kenya’s first president; Mr Odinga is the son of the country’s first vice president and has run in vain for the top post in three previous contests.