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Most importantly Docker can run on Development and on Production (same environment everywhere).While Vagrant is designed for Development only, (so you have to re-provision your server on Production every time). Note: The Database (My SQL/Maria DB/…) ports should not be forwarded on production, because Docker will automatically publish the port on the host, which is quite insecure, unless specifically told not to.A package (Laravel Rethink DB) is being developed and was released a version for Laravel 5.2 (experimental).

Workspace Image Tools PHP CLI - Composer - Git - Linuxbrew - Node - V8JS - Gulp - SQLite - x Debug - Envoy - Deployer - Vim - Yarn - SOAP - Drush…Later and due to the large adoption from the PHP community, it started supporting other PHP projects like Symfony, Code Igniter, Word Press, Drupal…Let’s see how easy it is to install In adhering to the separation of concerns principle as promoted by Docker, Laradock runs each software on its own Container.See https://store.docker.com/images/mysql for more information. You can forward the My SQL/Maria DB port to your host by making sure these lines are added to the Prestissimo is a plugin for composer which enables parallel install functionality.1 - Enable Running Global Composer Install during the Build: Click on this Enable Global Composer Build Install and do steps 1 and 2 only then continue here.You can turn On/Off as many instances of as any container without worrying about the configurations, everything works like a charm.