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These stops are generally further apart than those on the U-Bahn or Stadtbahn and therefore makes the S-Bahn a good option for longer central city journeys.

Unlike the other systems above, which are operated by local governments or franchises, S-Bahn systems are all operated by German Rail.

Stadtbahn lines are typically numbered with a "U" followed by a number (e.g. A few of Germany's largest cities have a full-fledged subway system, or U-Bahn.

For the most part, these systems are located underground, but may run on elevated tracks or at ground level, especially in outlying areas.

Some cities, most notably Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hannover, Cologne, and cities in the Ruhr region, have relatively new light rail systems known as a Stadtbahn.

Generally, these systems function very much like a regular U-Bahn system (subway, see below) with wide-gauge tracks, longer trains, and high platforms.

Street maps of the surrounding neighborhood are also usually posted in rail stations making it easy to find your way from the station to your destination.

In each city or metropolitan area, all of the transit networks operate under a single regional transport cooperative (Verkehrsverbund) with coordinated fares and tickets.

Besides providing suburban service, the S-Bahn also makes several stops in the central city area as well.Transport mode options increase considerably as the place you're in gets bigger.Public transportation is so good, you should never need or want a car to get around most cities.Service on weekends may be substantially reduced, especially on Sundays and holidays.Schedules are always posted at stops and stations and are available online (see the links section at the bottom of this page.) Maps The transit maps for the largest cities are quite complex, oftentimes resembling some kind of electrical wiring diagram.Most systems have been modernized with sleek new rolling stock and many systems now carry the Trambahn moniker.