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NET Magazine國際中文電子雜誌 作 者:許薰尹 審 稿:張智凱 文章編號:N130813901 出刊日期:2013/8/1 j Query Mobile是一個輕量型的Java Script函式庫,提供內建的樣式表,能夠快速地設計適合行動裝置展現的網頁應用程式。本文將介紹如何在ASP. NET Empty Web Site」。 · 點選畫面右下方的「Browse…」按鈕,開啟「Choose Location」視窗,選擇「File System」,接著設定一個資料夾,請參考下圖所示: 圖 1:建立ASP. NET網站,開啟Visual Studio 2012,從 Visual Studio 2012的主選單點選「File」-「Templates」選Visual C#;右邊的Templates區塊中選擇「ASP.After dropping the Form View onto your page, add, in the Page Load event, the code to build your collection of objects and set the Data View's Data Source property to that collection.You'll also need to store that collection somewhere in-between the user's trips to the server -- the Session object is a good choice.Data source components offer an alternative to the classic ASP.NET binding model based on a programmatic and explicit binding between enumerable data and the Data Source property of data-bound controls. NET 2.0, all data-bound controls support data source components for fetching, but only a few of them are designed to use data source components for other operations such as insertion, deletion, and update.

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The primary aspect of the List View control is that it allows you to take full control of the user interface via templates and properties.

For example, the Grid View control is just a smarter version of the Data Grid control that, among other little things, fully supports the new data binding model. NET, for iterating data templates for all the records in a data source. NET provides Repeater and Data List controls, but they only support data source components for fetching.

Designed to render tabular data, the Grid View is partnered by Details View and Form View that render out the content of a single record at a time. NET 3.5, the family of “view” data-bound controls has a new addition – the List View control. The List View control can be considered as an enhanced version of the Data List control that fully supports data source components.

You won't get automatic generation of the Data View's templates and you'll have to write a little code, but from the user's point of view, everything works as if your Data View was tied to a Data Source.

So here's how to use a Form View to display—and let the user update -- any collection of objects.