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When the radionuclide has passed through the blood stream, the gamma camera takes more pictures of the heart. The radionuclide helps to identify blocked or partially blocked arteries on the scans, because blocked arteries do not absorb the radionuclide into the heart.

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AIDS Bhedbhav Virodhi Andolan – a group working to fight discrimination against HIV/AIDS positive persons – took a bold step in 1991, publishing the first citizen’s report on the status of at-risk homosexual men.Called “Less Than Gay”, it “” In 1992, a conference on AIDS and health care was hosted in New Delhi, but it didn’t engage with the health of men who have sex with men.One of the oldest LGBTQ organisations, it started out doing HIV/AIDS prevention advocacy, and today does various outreach programmes for the entire LGBTQ spectrum in several Indian cities.

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In 1987, Leela and Urmila, two policewomen from Madhya Pradesh, married each other in the first ever documented case of its kind.This section criminalises any form of sexual activity “”, and can be used at any time to harass and incarcerate same-sex couples.Flash forward to mid-20th century, when Mahatma Gandhi – revered father of the nation – wrote against homosexuality.Sadly, after the ceremony, both women were discharged from duty. In 1990, a few short years after coming out, he founded India’s first magazine for queer men – Bombay Dost.And it’s still in circulation, with actor Manoj Bajpayee on the cover of its latest issue!It’s 1862 when Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code came into force.