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So, the next time you find yourself alone on that business trip to Germany, log in and make friends.

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“I think it's good for surfer bros and models, but I don't think many people are actually dating or hooking up on Raya.

To me, it felt like more people were trying to connect professionally, but in a way that felt really gross and not transparent.

Last weekend, while drinking vodka from a water bottle on Fire Island beach, I was complaining about the pervasive Raya worship to my friend Alan, a 33-year-old filmmaker.

Basically, people are praised for being conventionally attractive, having rich parents, hanging out at the “right” places, and wearing the “right” clothes.“If you hang with a group of really popular kids anywhere, you often can't understand why they are the popular ones, and they don’t know either,” Sarah said.

And Raya is the only app on which a match has asked me to tweet a link to their Kickstarter.

Obviously, part of the reason we all want to be successful is so we can fuck better people. But to institutionalize sex-as-networking is pretty disturbing.

On Tinder you have total autonomy: You’re presented with a bunch of random people and are free to choose who think is hot or interesting.

Raya is mob mentality: It’s an app about liking people that other people like.