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You can even quickly move on to a new model by clicking the next button on the right corner of the chat.
I believe that this app will make people more social and open up to more people Hands down to you all, I met a very nice attractive woman on here that actually had her stuff together.

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Definitely a pleasant surprise for me, considering I was worried about him being too laid back!

Hines has both dance skill and the entertainment factor – he moves well, and he’s fun to watch.As for Kendra herself – I think she’ll be likeable enough.As we’ve seen before, a Playboy past isn’t necessarily a death sentence on the show – Kelly Monaco went on to win her season, Pam Anderson stuck around for awhile, and Joanna Krupa made it all the way to the semifinals.I actually feel a bit bad for Kendra – she seems a bit nervous with all the pressure being put on her to live up to people’s expectations, and I think Louis is just reinforcing that pressure at this point.I hope he can really give her some dynamite choreography too, as he has tended a bit towards the silly & ridiculous in recent seasons…and I wasn’t particularly wowed by some of the routines he gave Kelly, either.I get the feeling he may be downplaying his dance experience a bit, just in case he isn’t very good, but as the season wears on and he gets more comfortable, I think we’ll start seeing a lot more energy & expression out of him.