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I also share every effective social technique I’ve ever learned – so, things like approaching a woman, flirting, connecting, getting the phone number etc.

This is a very controversial book, but absolutely brilliantly researched and presented.

Short Review: I give this book 4 out of 5 stars because it contains a lot of actionable advice to help men improve their dating life.

I have to take off a star for a number of ill-advised theories and implications that are scattered throughout the book, but overall, it does what it says it'll do and was a fairly quick read.

The importance of being clean and the importance of taking care of clothing are also stressed.

While most men know to do these things, few have made it a habit, and he helps his readers change that.- The elimination of Fear-Based Behavior can not be overpraised.

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Adago's strengths lie in his simple, effective solutions to concrete problems, and his attempts to express a deep understanding of humanity that splits all men into two categories is alienating.

It doesn't get too philosophical about the causes of insecurity, just gives actions that, if done, will naturally increase confidence.- The balance between playing a numbers game and and seeking meaningful connection is struck nicely.

Many men who have struggled with dating have wondered why men who seem to have a shallow connection with women do better.

This book is not for everyone, but it'll help many people.

The beginning would be better if it was written with this humbler approach.