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I was in love with her magical breasts and spent a lot of time playing with them. I think I was too freaked out to really feel anything sexual yet. With each small push, she would gasp in pain, push my hips back, and I would stop for a few moments, allowing her to relax so I could proceed. “Heather, baby,” I said holding my position inside her, “you knew this would be painful. Her hands went from pushing my hips around to my butt and she started pulling me in.

She immediately went over and started the hot water flowing so, after I got my gift “unwrapped”, the tub would be ready for her. I didn’t even have time to untie a shoe and there she was naked, in the tub, naked … We continued our explore/grope session from earlier in the day and relaxed letting the events of the week and day melt into the past. I put my plan into action as I kissed and fondled her, I moved my kisses to her ears and neck. ” HEATHER: His lips moved from my breasts down toward my vagina. We became “one flesh” and enjoyed the beautiful gift God had given us. Although I had just had an incredible orgasm, I remained hard and was able to continue.

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